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01.09.2017 Changes to 2018 IATA DGR published

09.02.2017 Lithium battery day Vantaa Aviation museum was success.

23.12.2016 New lithium battery labels are arrived and available from our warehouse

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Welcome to DGR.FI which is your one stop shop for all Dangerous Goods Management Issues for Air Transportation is hosted by Finsecpro which is Strategic Partner of IATA (International Air Transportation Association) and is specialized in DGR training and aviation support services including:

- Dangerous Goods Training (IATA DGR)

- Specialized in packing and handling of lithium batteries and lithium battery training

- DGR packing and documentation services

- ACC3 and RA3 validations

All our training is approved by CAA  (TraFi)

More information about our other services may be found from here.